What is the Patient Portal?The Patient Portal is a web-based system that serves as a secure communication link between you andthe clinic. When you log in to the Portal with your private user name and password, you can seeinformation that is pulled from your electronic record at the clinic and displayed on the web page.After logging in to Portal, you can:• Use the messaging feature to communicate with clinic staff.• View your health summary information.• Send health summary information update requests if you notice missing information.• View results of lab and other diagnostic tests.• Schedule, confirm, cancel, or reschedule an appointment.• Add an appointment request to your wait list.• Request a referral or a medication refill.• Print or save an electronic copy of your Health Summary using the standard Continuity of CareRecord (CCR) format.

If you do not have a login account forthe Portal…Access to most Portal functions requires a user name and password issued by the clinic.If you are a new patient (i.e. you have never been seen by this clinic), or the clinic has not assigned you a user name and password, you can still use the Portal to request an appointment. When completed, your appointment request is automatically added to the clinic’s Scheduling Wait List. Once your request is received and processed, someone from the clinic staff will contact you, ask for additional information (if needed), and confirm an actual appointment time. You can also access driving directions to this clinic if needed.You must sign a Portal Authorization form before the clinic can assign a user name and password.